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Most people only talk about good reviews and bad reviews. Few talk about well-done or badly-done reviews. I came across quite a number of badly-done reviews when I was doing book reviews for the Straits Times more than 20 years ago. Some of these reviewers have obviously not read and understood the books they were reviewing. May it’s because these writer were busy professionals and any task, when completed like a chore, is unlikely to yield good results.

I think regardless of whether we write a good or a bad review, we must do justice to the book/film. Our readers have not read the book or watched the film yet. We must try our best not to mislead them.

Calling all writers. If there’s any book that you would like me to review, please send a copy to:

Chan Joon Yee
Hougang Ave 8
Singapore 530631

Priority will be given to Singaporean writers. I can’t promise to review every single book sent to me.

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