Racism Or Terrorism

A stranger walks into a place of worship, interrupts a congregation and starts arguing with everyone about their interpretation of the scriptures. When asked to leave, he pulls out a gun and starts shooting, killing…

Old Home, New Home

“Hakka were considered intruders who could not share in the worship of local idols. Therefore, they satisfy themselves with worshipping their ancestors within their community … they cultivate a strong in-group feeling. In preparation for…

Efficiency Over Integrity

Bad service. Something all too common in a country that used to pride itself with excellent service and an exquisite, world-renowned airline. I’ve bloggged about it on a few occasions, but my experience changing to…

Redirecting Compassion

Minister for Social and Family Development Tan Chuan-Jin said that while many civic-minded and compassionate Singaporeans organise overseas missions to help the less fortunate there, we should not forget the underprivileged in our own backyard….

Something Old & Something New

So what’s new? The newsPAPers finally say that not all degrees are equal. They call it a hard truth, but that’s not the theme of that report. The whole article sounds more like an annoying…

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Help For Nepal

Nepal is in despair, devastated by a massive Himalayan earthquake which experts claim to occur every 80 years or so. The last comparable earthquake occurred in 1934. This was a tragedy waiting to happen and…

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Tiger Mom For You?

Interesting posting by a friend on Facebook and my naughty, cynical reply. © Chan Joon Yee Dewdrop Books

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The Age Of Anger And Easy Heroes

My friend Dr Dominic Leung was making an unusually long and serious comment on Facebook about disadvantaged people having a sense of entitlement. I was somewhat amused when this morning, an example of that phenomenon…