Uniquely Singapore?

What makes Singapore so unique? It’s certainly not the cuisine. Every kind of food here can be found cheaper and better across the Causeway. Is it in the way we talk, work, play or even think? Let’s explore some of the myths, the facts and misconceptions about the Singaporean psyche. Let’s get into the original, unadulterated meaning of being kiasu and the barefoot analyst’s opinion on why righteousness lost so badly in GE2015. Note that my opinions are just my opinions and not some conclusion I arrived at after exhaustive surveys and research sponsored by the government. Feel free to disagree. I’m not a scholar – just an opinionated old man.

Warning: you’ll see lots of stereotyping and generalisations here, but like I always say, the trouble with generalisations is that they are generally true.

Coming soon: What does it really mean to be kiasu