Love & Sacrifice

There’s something I would like to share with my readers before Valentine’s Day. This rainy morning, I stumbled upon a Thai song I’ve not heard before. The MV is quite self-explanatory. I don’t think I need to translate.

This is the Thai version of familiar (or perhaps even somewhat cliched) Chinese and Korean MVs that depict love and sacrifice. Sometimes, it’s the male lead that dies. Sometimes, it’s the female lead. Few people would think about what happens if the one who suffers from terminal illness or attempts a suicidal rescue doesn’t die. What if someone saves your life, you both survive and you feel so grateful that you decide to devote your entire life to loving him/her? The experience can really make you cry like the concluding scene in the Titanic, or like this Thai MV.

In real life, such daring and selfless rescues are often triggered by impulse. And in that fleeting moment, the recipient of that sacrifice will feel compelled to reciprocate. A policeman and a thief. A cowboy and an Indian. A prince and a beggar. A Montague and a Capulet. All your differences and inconveniences don’t matter anymore. It’s true and unconditional love.


Of course, such situations can be extremely rare in real life and perhaps that’s what makes them so touching and so useful a theme for love stories. But I believe that lasting, down-to-earth relationships cannot live on such impulses. Someone who impulsively puts his own life on the line to save yours on one occasion may not show up every time you need him.

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