Silent Ending?

I used to cover my ears or switch off whatever device is playing the music when I heard this song – 無言的結局. The melody, the arrangement are a departure from the Madarin pop songs that I was so familiar with. In Singaporean terms, it’s very Hokkien Peng. Here’s the original by 林淑蓉 and 羅時豐.

Excellent vocals, but it’s just too Hokkien Peng for my liking. It’s too unsophisticated and takes all the poetic inspiration out of me. Fast forward to the present and we have an elegant singer like 李婭莎 from Shanghai surprising us with her interpretation of this Hokkien peng song. As one of the judges 林隆璇 put it, it’s a very Taiwanese song and yet 李婭莎 who is not Taiwanese, managed to pull it off so well.

Strangely, I find this version of 無言的結局 quite acceptable and even entertaining. Somehow, even the older version is suddenly more acceptable now.

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