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All right. I think our killer cop still wins hands down, but Thailand has another prominent character making the news.

BANGKOK: — Miss Suwan Chidchanok a judge of the Court of Appeals lost her temper when her car was taken by the police after it was found illegally parked and blocking a Road causing a huge traffic jam during a “red shirts” rally in support of Somyot Prueksakasemsuk a magazine editor who in 2013 was sentenced to eleven year’s imprisonment for LM.

The Matichon reports that at the police station she hurled abuse at many officers before she threw an omelette and rice dish at the car of Police Lieutenant General Khamronnawit Thupkrachang.

She then gets into her car and drives over a steel barrier dragging it out onto the main road before driving off.

You’ve got to watch this to believe it. Take note that she, Khun Suwan, is a judge in the Court of Appeal in Thailand.

Impounding a judge’s car is tantamount to a slap on the face, an offence that deserves a death sentence, followed by summary execution.

When she arrived at the police station, she not only hurled abuses at the police officers, she threw a packet of rice containing kai jeo (egg omelette) and even nam pla prik on the police chief’s car. This bit is a little surprising. I would have expected a woman of her status to throw at least kao na pet (duck rice) if not hoo chalam (shark’s fin). Anyway, some Thai netizens have commented that she looked more like a vendor at the market than a judge. Yes, in this video perhaps, but make no mistake Khun Suwan has her respectable moments. It’s just that like a lot of Thais holding high office, or think that they are very “hi-so” (high society), they also have their other moments.

Notice that none of the police officers even tried to stop her when she bulldozed her way out. They knew better than to stand in the way of an angry Thai. She could well have run her car over anybody who tried to stand in her way. As controversial former Bangkok Post columnist Bernard Trink would say, TIT (This Is Thailand). To better understand some of the unbelievable things you encounter in Thailand …

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