A Thai’s Princess

Athena (not her real name) is not Thai but Singaporean. She tattooed the word “jao ying” (meaning princess) on her neck as a hint to a Thai boy in her dragon boat team. He was in ITE. She was in an elite school and their love was never meant to be.

From a straight-laced Singaporean point of view, Athena’s life spun out of orbit after her A Levels. Instead of moving on to university, she took up several jobs from an air stewardess in a budget airline to a dancer in a strip club in Canada.

Like a rolling stone, she gathered rich and exotic experiences. The tattoo on her lip is the most bizarre. Earning a good income from modelling now, she became a fan of plastic surgery too. Where is she headed? Will she eventually get back on track here in Singapore or will she just drift off to become the next Annabel Chong?

Read her story in our book, Leaving The Pain Behind

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