Teacher Aiyoyo Part 2


Have you spotted this? The enemy of something good is the quest for “perfection”. There are numerous examples of fixing something that ain’t broken and breaking it in the process within our much-lauded educational framework.

“The veins transport waste materials to the organs that can remove them from the body, such as the kidneys.”

Veins are blood vessels that drain blood from organs and return the blood to the heart. They do not transport waste materials to the organs. The lungs excrete carbon dioxide. The kidneys excrete urea. The pulmonary arteries which carry blood to the lungs contain more carbon dioxide than the pulmonary veins that drain the lungs. Similarly, the renal arteries which supply blood to the kidneys contain more urea than the renal veins which drain the kidneys. The renal arteries are the ones that transport waste materials to the kidneys – not the veins.

Anybody who has passed his O Level Biology should know that. But wait a minute. This is PSLE. O Level is 4 years away even for the “Express” stream.

In this PSLE revision book (the company publishes school text books and runs an MOE-recognised teaching portal), the writers have scratched the surface of O Level Biology, making themselves ostensibly more advanced and impressive. But the result of not being able to teach a complex subject in a simple way is confusion and misinformation, pretty much like drawing legs on a snake during extra time.

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